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What is GGFinance.

We’ve built a platform
For All Defi solution.

Blockchain technology has shown a significant impact for the contribution for our life and development in the internet world. With the rise from the modern technology we believe future is with blockchain. DeFi have changed everyone life and we should escape
from the third party providers such like banks who still taking our money without us knowing it. With the help of smart contract and
dApp, we are able to make a decentralized project with secured and seamless experience for the community.

With the popularity of Ethereum network now you can stake and farm with your tokens without anyone telling you when to taking out your funds. Decentralize Finance was introduced but it did not get popularity due to unreliable projects and now GG Finance is here to introduce a GGlaunch to let everyone to be safe on the project they are investing. With our maximum security and
background checking for the project details. We can ensure there is no rug pulling project on the locked funds for the community.

power of Blockchain

Introducing GGFinance, the one-stop DeFi platform giving high returns for all cryptocurrencies

GGFinance is one of the most exciting projects in the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) space in 2020.

The soon to be launched application is an all-in-one platform that enables users to stake, lend, borrow, invest, and provide liquidity among other features for high returns.

GGFinance’s multiple functionalities are enabled by the project’s ground-breaking technology that makes it stand out among its peers.

GGFinance solutions for current DeFi issues

GGFinance solutions for current DeFi issues

DeFi has undoubtedly changed the financial sector landscape with some novel products and services that eclipse the offerings in the mainstream finance market. These new exciting products have seen more people flock into the space looking to grab the opportunity to make extraordinary returns on their investments.

Unfortunately, the existing DeFi platforms have been unable to cater for this explosive demand due to their inherent design limitations. Moreover, most of these platforms offer only one or a few products and/or applications. As a result, investors are forced to constantly shift across multiple applications to engage in separate activities like lending and staking among others.

GGFinance is addressing these challenges with their one-stop-shop for all DeFi products through which users can access all offerings within the space. To achieve this, GGFinance is focused on the following mission and vision:

ensure a safe

GGfinance Platform

GG Finance also will introduce our gaming platform for the community to have some fun while
farming with the latest games and fast platform. Everything will be fast and easy to use and most
importantly fees is way lesser than expected. We will also introduce a insurance service for high
risk traders to make sure the trades is safe and the traders also able to borrow flashloan from our
lending platform with much lower rate. GG Finance have a low amount of supply, which let the
demands more than supply, this is will be very beneficial for the community that holds our tokens.
Tokens also will generate profit from the services to the tokens holder from all service from GG
Finance. We will continue to provide the best service for our community and ensure everything is


Best Features

GGFinance will champion decentralisation and give power back to the people by allowing them to make future oriented investments for financial freedom.

GGFinance offering a brighter future.

In line with this mission and vision, the GGFinance platform is established on these key tenets that make it the most attractive DeFi protocol. 

Novel governance model
GGFinance has developed an ingenious blockchain-based voting mechanism

 GGfinance supports the diverse choices of its decentralized user base. This system eases governance on the protocol with costless public voting. 

Trustless protocol
Instant Private Transaction

GGFinance is dedicated to upholding the true spirit of decentralisation that in turn guarantees trustless transactions that are key in the DeFi space. The GGFinance smart contracts are fully audited and verified to eliminate any doubts about potential exploits or mishandling of users funds. 

GGFinance Features

GGFinance Ecosystem key features

The platform offers its users the following features: Staking ,Farming , GGswap , Lending Borrowing ,Gaming , Launchpad , Insurance, NFT Platform Exchange, GGFinance Token Sale.


Investors can earn interest by staking various cryptocurrencies with 0.22% per day, 6.6% per month, 80% APY.

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Users earn fees by providing liquidity on Uniswap and then staking those Uniswap tokens to earn farming tokens on GGFinance. 

Lending and Borrowing

The GGFinance platform allows anyone to borrow or lend in a decentralised manner. Lenders earn interest for providing liquidity on the network while borrowers can easily access loans by providing collateral in the provided pool.

NFTs platform exchange

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have grown in popularity recently, becoming the latest trend in the cryptocurrency space.

GGfinance Public Token Sales

GGFinance token sale

GGFinance public token sale is coming soon providing a lifetime opportunity to get a stake into this revolutionary platform that is going to shape the DeFi landscape in the coming years.

    Earning interest from staking with 0.22% per day, 6.6% per month, 80% APY. Better yet keeping your money in fiat.
    Start staking today
  • Gaming Aperfect online casino for gamers who like to take a gamble on the games. Spending your time while waiting stake
    generate money and farm is growing money also earn farm tokens from every single stakes you make on platform.
    $GGF tokens holders stand a shares of gaming profit. Profit will be distribute monthly basis. Gaming not profitable?
    Las Vegas won’t last till now?
  • LAUNCHPAD Provide you a collateral liquidity for the borrow and earn an interest from the liquidity provided in pool. Both
    borrowers and lenders will be beneficial. With low interest rate and shorter timing. Benefit from the lending protocols
    and worry free.
    As market getting too many scammers around, with our platform, investor can be safe and sound. Don’t ever need to
    worry about rug pulling anymore. A platform for everyone to launch their tokens. With right channel to promote and
    right influencer to look in to the coins. Prevent all frauds and scammy coins with our expertise. Say no to rug pulling.
  • Insurance to insure your risk. High risk high return with insurance it will be more secure. More insured and more
    money. Nobody wants to wake up and see your investment liquidated. Be safe better than risking. Financial freedom
    is obvious.
  • NFT platform exchange will be created and no fees will be charge for taker. But in order for maker to enter market
    place, maker need to own GGF to pay for the advertising slot. NFTs will be secured by GGfinance NFT platform with
    a secure smart contract and system. Buy safe and sell safe thru GGfinance

GGF Tokenomics

GGFinance has developed its native token, GGF, on the Ethereum blockchain, that will be used to facilitate transactions on the platform.

Join Our
Pre-Sale List
Pre-Sale Start at 30 OCT 2020
  • Token Symbol GGF
  • Presale by $LID Protocol 6000
  • Staking DAO (Locked) 4000
  • Uniswap (Permanent Locked) 3964
  • Team reserve (Locked) 2836
  • Marketing 1000
  • Development funds (Locked) 2000
  • LID Reserve 200
  • Total Token 20000

Token Allocation

Operating Allocation

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Privacy Policy
Terms of Sales

Road Map

Our team working hardly to make archive..

2020 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2020 Q1
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • Lite paper completion
2020 Q1
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
2020 Q2
  • Public financing & Seed funding
  • Initial Investor and Advisor Meeting
  • Recuruiting Employee
2020 Q3
Start Development
  • In-house testing of functional
  • Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain with real-time scanning
  • Developer expansion
2020 Q4
Contract Deployment
  • Contract Deployment
  • contract Auditing
  • staking Launching
  • Token Distribution
2021 Q1
Presale Token Events
  • Litepapper
  • Blockfolio
  • uniswap listing
  • coingecko listing
  • coinmarket cap listing
2021 Q2
Etherscan Details Updates
  • Farming Launching
  • online casino launching
  • GGswap Launching
  • Major Exchange Listing
2021 Q2
Insurance Platform
  • Launchpad Platform
  • Dao Launching
  • initial partnership announcement
2021 Q2
Initial Partnership Announcement
  • second Major Partnership
  • Insurance Company Complience
2021 Q2
GGwallet P2P Exchange
  • Lending & Borrow Platform
  • Future Exchange Listing

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